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E for Everyone is a retro-style FPS with an over-the-top blend of "dark" themes and campy ridiculousness.  Meant to harken back to olde tyme shooters of yore, this game combines 3D level geometry with Doom-esque spritework and an emphasis on fast, simple run 'n gun gameplay. 


As the Abuela, you will drunkenly stumble into a smoldering cesspit of hell, armed with only your slipper and a magical hand-vac that censors enemies by changing them into more grandma-approved creatures.  Fight deeper into the labyrinth and uncover the source of evil - put your foot down on all this hellspawn and make your town a little more "E for Everyone".

Core Features

  • Satisfying, polished FPS mechanics and movement give the player a high degree of power & freedom
  • Three expansive levels filled with hazards, details and environmental storytelling
  • Comedic narrative properly conveys you are an indestructible grandma who don't tolerate no demons in HER town
  • Six unique enemies with their own AI routines, behavior patterns and encounter styles

Under the Hood

  • "E for Everyone" is a student project, made in 16 weeks by a team of nine.
  • Enemy sprites were created using an authentic capture process that mimics the 3D-model-to-2D-sprite workflow from 1993's Doom
  • Custom developer tools were created to enhance level design workflow and encounter placement
  • Level streaming and checkpoint systems were created to expand on Unity's base scene functionality


Deunan Durlauf - Producer

Angel Rodriguez - Creative Director

Kathleen Allewelt - Lead Artist

John Rosato - Lead Designer

Zach Mauldin - Programmer

Ramsey Lee - Artist

Tomas Gutierrez - Artist

Dylan Burke - Designer & Sound Tech

Stanley DePryor - Designer

Install instructions

Thanks for playing E for Everyone!  After download, extract zip file, then run E for Everyone.exe to play.  Smoothest experience is played with Xbox 360/Xbox One controller, but mouse+keyboard is supported.


E for Everyone.zip 220 MB

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